Dim3PLA Allows 3DFormer to Take PLA and ABS at Same Pre-setting

Low Melt Flow Index Dim3PLA Adds Eco-friendly Filaments for 3DFormer with No Temperature Adjustment

April 10, 2015 –Round Rock, TX

Dim3printing LLC announces a breakthrough in a low Melt Flow Index (MFI) PLA based biodegradable filament, Dim3PLA, for the 3DFormer pen. Using this low MFI PLA filament, 3DFormer users will be able to swap the 1.75mm conventional ABS and Dim3PLA filaments for their 3D modeling anytime with no temperature adjustment.

“Working with our material R&D partner, we are able to drive the pure PLA MFI from 6.0g/10min to 4.5g/10min, about 1/4 decrease of MFI, at the standard testing condition (ASTM 1238, 210 Celsius & 2.16Kg). At this lower MFI, the pre-setting of the 3DFormer for ABS doesn’t need to be changed to accommodate a slight lower extrusion temperature required by PLA,” commented by Dim3printing’s CEO, Mr. Bin Hu, “As a company to offer innovative tools to students and consumers, we would bring new products to help our users focus on the creativity efforts. This new material breakthrough will make the 3DFormer the simplest and easiest 3D pen to use.”

The Dim3PLA will be released to the market in June. 3DFormer is the world’s first 3D pen designed and engineered for classroom practices – which requires non-stop use more than 2 hours. 3DFormer is the only 3D pen offers an ultra-wideband 0.5mm/second to 20mm/second solidification speed control. 3DFormer features superb quiet, easy-to-use, easy gripping, precise in movement, and very affordable at a retail price $69.99.

The 3DFormer is now on kickstarter and the campaign ends on April 18th, 2015. The campaign may be accessed at: http://tinyurl.com/3dformer.

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